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Clayton Loop

Cecil Clayton

Cecil Clayton is hired by Professor Porter as a jungle guide.
Clayton, a hunter and adventurer has no respect for animals and even most people.

Voice Talent:

Brian Blessed

Voice of Boss Nass in "Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace"
Voice of Pendragon in "Merlin: The Legend Begins."
"Henry Fielding's Tom Jones" (1998); "Kidnapped" (1996);
"Prisone of Honor" (1991); "Flash Gordon" (1980)


Randy Hancock

Animator of "Young Hercules" (Hercules)
Animator of "Simba" (The Lion King)
Animator on Pocahontas

Tarzan, Jane and Clayton Cecil Clayton

Clayton on boat C. Clayton and Tarzan

Clayton 1 Clayton 2

Clayton and Porter Clayton, Porter and Jane

Clayton Color Picture

"Fascinating! He could be the missing link!"


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