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Jane Doll

Jane "The English Lady"

Tarzan and Jane Dolls

Jane and Tarzan®

Tarzan Doll

Talking Tarzan® "Lord of the Jungle"

Sabor Figure

Sabor Action Figure

3 Tarzan Figures and Sabor

Three Different Tarzan® Figures and Sabor

 Jane and Tarzan Figures

Tarzan®, Jane and Baby Baboon Figures

 Young Tarzan Figures

Young Tarzan®
and Friends


Clayton and

Other Figures Available:

Sabor and Tarzan®
Best Friend Terk
Young Tarzan® and Tantor
Baby Tarzan® and Kala
Tarzan® and the Baboons

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Disney's Tarzan® Books Available From

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Disney's Tarzan (Disney's Read-Aloud Storybooks) Disney's Tarzan Jungle Jam Disney's Tarzan Wild Friends (Touch and Feel Book) Disney's Tarzan Me and You

Disney's Tarzan Flip Book Disney's Tarzan Goes Bananas (Disney's First Reader) Tarzan Postcard Book

Disney's Tarzan: A Special Collector's Edition Tarzan Chronicles Disney's Tarzan Jungle Adventure Activity Kit

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Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive: Tarzan® Games

Disney's Tarzan Action Game

* Disney's Tarzan® Action Game *
(Ages 8 and up)

Disney's Activity Center, Tarzan

* Disney's Activity Center, Tarzan® *
(All Ages)

Disney's Print Studio, Tarzan

* Disney's Print Studio, Tarzan® *
(Ages 4-8)

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Walt Disney Records

Disney Records' Tarzan® Soundtrack

Available in Compact Disc, Cassette Tape, or Spanish CD/Tape formats.


Tarzan Read Along

Disney's Tarzan® Read Along


Tarzan Read and Sing

Disney's Tarzan® Read and Sing Along

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The Disney Store

Some of the items that were available at The Disney Store.

Stuffed Figures
(Young Tarzan®, Terk, Tantor, Kala, Porter, a Vulture, a Snake and a Hippo)

Jungle Hero Dress Up

Jungle Treehouse Playset

Young Tarzan® Collectible Giftset

Tarzan to the Rescue Collectible Giftset

Tarzan® Power Spear

Jane Backpack

Tarzan® Coloring Sets

Tarzan® Beanie Babies

Tarzan® Books/Read Along Tapes

Tarzan® Miniature Fountain

Tarzan® Snowglobe

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's Tarzan® Sound Straws

Tarzan, Tantor, and Terk Sound Straws

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Tarzan, Jane and Terk Sculptures

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Stuffed Characters
Mealtime Fun

Tarzan Beanie Babies

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Check out Tarzan® Auctions at

Tarzan Pins

Disney Theme Park Exclusive
Tarzan® Pins

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"I'll be the best ape ever!"

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