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Disney's Tarzan® was the third highest grossing film for the Summer of 1999. The gross profit for the film since it's opening has been over $166.5 million. "Tarzan®" had the second largest opening weekend of any Disney Animation Feature, with "The Lion King" being the first. Total gross profit was $34.1 million during the opening weekend.

From the Disney Magazine (Summer 1999): "A Disneyland landmark welcomes new tenants this July, when the 70-foot-tall tree that once housed the Swiss Family Treehouse reopens with a Tarzan® theme. Visit the home of the Lord of the Jungle by scaling a staircase made of items salvaged from a shipwreck, then crossing a rickety suspension bridge. Nestled high among the leaves, vine-covered huts are filled with the personal effects of Tarzan®. Guests who prefer to keep their feet on the ground can stick to the playground at the base of the tree, where live animals and characters from Tarzan® gather at different times during the day." Click Here.

From the Disney Magazine Fall 1999 issue, a scan of an article that featured some highlights of the Tarzan® Premiere in Hollywood. Click here to see it.

Planning a birthday party? How about a Tarzan®-themed party. Check out the Birthday Express web site for everything you would need to celebrate that person's birthday with a "Jungle" theme.

Blockbuster Video now has "Disney's Tarzan"® available to rent for the Playstation Video Game Console. It's also available to purchase at "Toys R Us", "Best Buy" and many other retail stores. If you happen to rent or purchase the game, drop me an email to give your own review of the game. Have you noticed? On the back of "Disney's Tarzan®" for Sony's Playstation states the name of this Tarzan® fan site. Coincidence, I think not!

Disney's Tarzan® Site has the Phil Collins' "You'll Be In My Heart" music video available in a Real Video format. It's a little over four minutes long and features Phil Collins throughout the entire video. It DOES NOT feature any scenes from Disney's Newest Feature Film Tarzan®.

International Museum of Cartoon Art will have a Tarzan® Exhibition starting May 22, 1999 and running until September 19, 1999. The exhibition will feature the Edgar Rice Burroughs' character of Tarzan, through the years as a comic strip hero and up till present production sketches and paintings of Walt Disney Picture's Tarzan®. IMCA is located in Boca Raton, Florida and is open from 10am - 6pm. There is a separate cost for adults and children.

Below are downloadable information on Edgar Rice Burroughs and the map of the museum.

tarzan.pdf (95K) tarzan2.pdf (147K)

Adobe Acrobat Download

Disney's Tarzan® Soundtrack is available at most major music stores and online. Check out my Tarzan® Music section for more information on the soundtrack and all the lyrics to the songs.

Most of the new Tarzan® toys are available at The Disney Store. Check out some of the different items The Disney Store is selling. If you would like see the packaging and figures of some of the characters, stop by the Tarzan® Merchandise section.

I was surfing the TV channels and came across a VH1 special called "Hollywood & Vinyl". Featuring a half-hour look at the music, cast and characters of Tarzan®. It didn't seem like it was listed on their online schedule, so I think they'll show it whenever. If you find it on, watch it, it was pretty interesting. With behind the scenes footage and scenes from the film.

A&E's "Biography This Week" feature on "Tarzan"® is available to purchase. The hour long special features the character of Tarzan® from the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs through the 47 movie features and the television series. If you would like a VHS copy of this show, A&E has it available by calling 1-800-423-1212 or ordering online for only $14.95, plus shipping and handling.

Disney Adventures MagazineIn the Tarzan® issue of Disney Adventures, learn how to draw Terk, go behind the scenes during the production of Tarzan®, play Tarzan® games and enter to win a trip to Disneyland.

Starlog, June 1999, featured a four page article about Disney's Tarzan®. New pictures from the film and also some great interviews from the character voices, the animators and the rest of the crew.

Cinefantastique, July 1999, features an article on Tarzan® with interviews from Kevin Lima, Chris Buck, Glen Keane, and Eric Daniels.

Disney Magazine Link
Disney Magazine (Summer 1999) has some stories on the production process of making Disney's Tarzan®. The eight page article features interviews with Tarzan lead-animator Glen Keane; voice-talents Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close and Rosie O'Donnell; and singer/songwriter Phil Collins. Pick it up, it's a great article to read.

A five-minute behind the scenes look at production footage and movie clips are available on the "Mulan" Home Video. See Part 2 of the behind the scenes footage on the "A Bug's Life" Home Video.

Learn to Draw TarzanLearn how to draw Tantor, Terk and Tarzan®. Disney's Tarzan® site has step-by-step lessons on drawing these character from the film. Click here to start learning how to draw the characters.

Want a talking "Terk" keychain? You'll need two UPC panels from "Captain Crunch" or "Life" cereals plus $3.99. See specially marked boxes of "Captain Crunch" or "Life" cereals for more details.
Aquafresh Toothpaste is offering 4 free mini characters from "Tarzan"®. See specially marked boxes of Aquafresh for the characters available.

Animation Magazine, July 1999, has a great article about the animated feature. Interviews with animators, producers, and directors. Disneyana Update Magazine, August-September 1999, has information on Tarzan® collectibles and an estimate of how much they are worth.

April 1, 2000 - Disneyland Paris debuts THE TARZAN ENCOUNTER, a musical stage show, shown daily until October 1, 2000.

International Release Dates:

Malaysia - June 17, 1999
Singapore - June 17, 1999
Isreal - June 17, 1999
USA - June 18, 1999
Canada - June 18, 1999
Columbia - June 18, 1999
Mexico - June 25, 1999
Brazil - July 2, 1999
Argentina - July 8, 1999
Germany - November 11, 1999
France - November 24, 1999
Slovakia - December 2, 1999
Solvenia - December 2, 1999
Italy - December 3, 1999

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